Michele and David Zimmerman, April 2023

Just wanted to thank Dawnn again for all the help in booking our trip to Italy in April. Best vacation from dinner with a host family in Rome, transportation to Florence through the beautiful scenery of Tuscany and the private gondola ride in Venice.

Also the coordination of two travelers from Louisville KY and two from Pittsburgh to arrive together and leave together was just an added bonus.

Thanks again, Dawnn

Michele and David Zimmerman
Allison Zimmerman and Donny Mignogna

Joe Battista, May 2022

The trip was one of a lifetime!  All went extremely well.  The private driver and guides were a difference maker!  Our tours of the Coliseum, Vatican, and Capri were spectacular.  The Pompeii tour was a bit short, the tour itself only 2 hours, we thought it would be 4.

We did side trips to Botticella’s (the Steelers Bar), to see our friend Jessie Pegula play in the Italian Open Tennis Tournament, and to the Castle of St. Angelo in Rome, we swam in one of the Green Grottoes at the Bagni Della Regina Giovanna in Sorrento, and toured a friend’s family vineyard, San Francesco Vineyards, in Tramonti near Amalfi.

But the highlight for me personally was going to my grandparents hometown of Alvito!  We were able to get copies of their birth certificates and marriage license!  Thanks for your help!!

D. Stefani, Sep. 2014

Dawnn, just returned from our trip to Rome and London and owe you a huge thank you. You helped us with the Rome portion of our trip. We loved our hotel & location, the Hotel River Palace was perfect. The hotel staff & accommodations couldn’t have been better. The City Wonders tours were outstanding. It made our tours so much more meaningful to have the personal touch. Your thoughtfulness & experience made all the difference for a successful & meaningful vacation.