FW W., Oct 2016, Yelp 5-Star Rating

We have now done two trips with Shadyside and both couldn’t have been better. Well actually the Steelers could have won, that would have made them better, but not sure that is Joe the owner’s issue! I tried to book my last trip on my own and found that the package Joe and team put together was better on price and more importantly on knowledge of the area, then I could have done on my own.

I was somewhat critical of the hotel on the last trip…but then realized the location was the crux of why you work with people like Shadyside. We had a huge discount by booking with them and it was on the beach and met EVERY criteria we needed for a successful trip.

The owner was on the trip and I personally saw him rip a bus driver for being 10 minutes late. That is how serious they take their business.

Highly recommend! Going to try non-Steeler trips with them next!