Sports Travel

Besides our great vacation values and expertise in handling business travel, Shadyside Travel is the tri-states leader in offering sports travel. In our 40 years in business, I have personally handled all group travel to sporting events throughout the United States. I have offered various length of travel to Pittsburgh Steelers away football games in each of the last 40 years, including a marvelous trip to England (with various optional tours) in 2013. All of our sports travel trips to different cities include:

Football 50 yardline

  • air or bus transportation
  • centrally located top hotels
  • tickets to the game (other than Superbowl)

Many of our trips include extras such as:

  • breakfast
  • tailgates
  • cocktail receptions
  • optional city tours

Although our tours depart Pittsburgh, we are able to offer Steelers fans living in other cities special land packages so they can join our group and partake in all the fun. So no matter where you live, you can always join in the festivities. In our 40 years in business, we have visited nearly all NFL cities. The sports travel schedule is announced towards the end of April, and our trips are mailed out within ten days and are posted on our Website. If you wish to receive a brochure via regular mail call us toll free at (800) 227-9843 Eastern Standard Time or locally at (412) 241-8692. Please request to be added to the sports email list. You may sign up for our general travel email here.