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Although Paris dominates most itineraries to France, there are many other diverse regions that you may want to explore. Here is a listing with brief descriptions of the most popular areas for travel to France.

Provence and the French Riviera
This is probably the most recognized area in the south of France and offers both cities and small towns. Overlooking the blue Mediterranean with its famous beaches (I found them to be rocky), the area offers a number of places to visit.

Sainte Reparate Cathedral Basilique, Nice French Riviera
Sainte Reparate Cathedral Basilique in Nice French Riviera

With its rich history and mild weather, Nice has a great old-town section, open air markets, outdoor cafes and restaurants. Monaco is only an hour away.

The “star” of the Riviera is most famous for its international film festival. Aix-en-Provence has many walking tours and is famous for its hot thermal springs. Avignon is a beautiful walled city once home to the Catholic Popes.

Rhone Wine Region
The second most famous wine region of France and, much more affordable than its famous counterparts, is the Rhone Wine Region. This is the area home to the popular Chateauneuf-du-Pape style that is available worldwide.

Castle overseeing vineyards in Rhone region, France
Castle overseeing vineyards in Rhone region, France

Bordeaux and Burgundy
The most widely acclaimed and pricey wines in France come from this area. Dotted by small towns, the total focus here is wine making and food. You can explore this area by car or popular river and barge cruises. You must book early, as reservations sell out six to ten months in advance every year.

Loire Valley
Called the Garden of France, this area is home to vineyards, rolling hills and many chateaux. Some of the famous towns that should be visited are Chartres, Orleans, Blois and Chambord.

This is just a taste of what awaits you on your vacation to France. You can take escorted tours, independent tours (with or without private guides), or river and barge cruises. Let us help you put together a most memorable trip. Also, read about France travel in Paris or Italian vacations on our Italy page.

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