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No other destination in the world can offer you as much as Europe. A variety of countries offers you different cultures which makes it difficult to choose where to go. The key to enjoying Europe is to pick a region, or just one or two countries to explore on one trip. All destinations offer unique cultures, memorable sights, art, restaurants and activities that will create lasting memories.  

Choose from:  London, Paris, FranceGreece, Italy and Ireland

Bicycles for European travel
Bicycles on street, Ghent Belgium

Besides deciding where you want to go, your next decision will be whether you want an organized tour or an independent one.  The organized tour takes away all the complications that can arise when traveling abroad, especially in countries where you don’t speak the language.  All hotels, transfers, sightseeing and some meals are taken care of for you, and an escorted tour generally allows you to see more than you could do yourself in the same amount of time.  Many of these tours allow for leisure time so you can explore on your own, and also offer pre and post excursions to other cities or areas.  The set itineraries, free time and optional excursions make this the most convenient method to explore the continent. 

There are escorted tours for every budget, from budget to first class to the most deluxe. 

A popular alternative to escorted tours is independent travel.  This allows us to assist you in developing your own itinerary based on going and doing exactly what you want to do.  Whether its visiting one or two cities, a country or an entire region you can get exactly what you want and establish your own time frame for doing it.  If you can handle the language barrier and use rail or car rental to move around, then this is what we recommend.  If you choose independent travel we strongly urge you to plan well in advance, especially if you will be traveling during the peak season of May-October as well as during the holiday season.  Learn more about popular European destinations such as London, Paris, FranceGreece, Italy and Ireland, or ask us about European river cruises!

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