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As cruises continue their rebound, it’s important to understand the big differences that exist between cruise lines.  There is also a wide range of cruise itineraries, amenities and onboard activities and entertainment for different age groups.  You can choose from weekend getaways to longer cruises.  Cruises offer adventure and relaxation, fun and cultural experiences depending on what kind of experience you choose.

We specialize in luxury cruises, and our agents can guide you to make decisions including the destination and best experience for you.

Caribbean cruise
Caribbean cruise


Mass Market Large Ships

Nearly all of these range in size from 2,500-5,500 passengers.  If you don’t like crowds then stay away.  They do offer many activities and choices of bars and restaurants and offer many things for kids making them a good choice for families.

Our most popular large cruises are:
Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival

cruise palm tree


More Upscale Mass Market Ships

Same information as above except most are in the 1,500-3,000 passenger range.  They are good for families, but don’t offer quite as many activities.

Our most popular upscale large cruises are:
Celebrity, Princess and Holland America


Luxury Cruise Lines

These are generally smaller ships in the 900-1,500 passenger range, and not really geared to children.  The cabins are larger, and the restaurants are more upscale with better selections and service.  Naturally, the costs are higher.  They also visit more than the standard ports of the above cruise lines.  Ports of call include many different countries and locations.  However, luxury cruise lines may have overnight stops and longer onshore stays.

Our most popular luxury cruise lines are:
Oceania, Silverseas and Viking Ocean Cruises

Luxury Cruise Restaurant
Luxury Cruise Restaurant

Ultra Luxury Cruise Lines

Ships are generally in the 600-900 passenger range with a very high ratio of passenger to cruise members assuring a higher level of service.  Restaurants are more upscale with many amenities not found on other cruise lines.  Of course, this comes with a higher cost, but our clients feel it’s well worth it.

Our most popular ultra luxury cruise lines are:
Crystal, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn


Our most popular destinations for late spring, summer and fall:
Mediterranean, Alaska, British Isles and Northern Europe

All of these should be booked well in advance.

For winter:
Caribbean, Panama Canal and South Pacific


When selecting a cruise you should consider your budget most importantly, destination or area, and dates.

We have many special amenities on ships that are not usually advertised so please give us a call.

Learn more about popular European river cruises and Alaska cruises!

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