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Containing and potentially reducing your travel costs while increasing service level has been and always will be our primary goal. However, today’s travel environment is constantly changing and more should be expected from your travel agency. With the same continued ownership for over forty-seven years, Shadyside Travel has a unique advantage in that all our agents have a minimum of twenty years agency experience. This results not only in a consistent level of service, but it also gives your company the assurance of the best fares and alternatives to the travelers’ preferences if cost savings can be obtained.

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Just as important, our experienced agents will become your most trusted source of information on the ever-changing travel landscape. The continual changing of airline flights due to constant adding, deleting and changing times of flights will be monitored by us. We will give your travelers all the information on the many changing protocols to their destinations which is paramount today. With all the conflicting information on the internet, do you really want to let your travelers spending time to see if anything has changed? Our agents are service-minded professionals who will work hard to ensure your travelers of the best options when coordinating and booking all travel components. Plus, we will be your watch dog to be sure no abuses occur that would increase costs to your company.


For a number of years, various travel research firms have done comparisons of booking business travel on Internet websites versus booking with a travel agency. Year after year the results are similar. Agencies like Shadyside Travel can reduce company’s cost of travel even with an agency fee.

One important and common theme is that the worst-case scenario is for a company to allow its employees to make their own travel arrangements online. This is where the most abuses occur which increase travel costs.

Besides the potential cost savings there are many other benefits that we can bring to your company and travelers that the Internet cannot.

  • We have the ability to void tickets more than 24 hours after they are issued in certain situations. For example, any reservation made on Friday for the following Tuesday or later can be voided on Monday. The Internet booking does not allow for that. This could potentially save a number of airline change fees.
  • We manage your unused tickets. Nearly 10% of all tickets issued go unused. We keep that ticket in the traveler’s profile so it will not go unused. The Internet does not provide for that.
  • We keep track of all past, present, and future itineraries.
  • If booking on the Internet, travelers have to resolve issues directly with the airlines, hotels, and car rentals. This can be very time consuming and frustrating. If travelers book with Shadyside, we would handle those situations for them.
  • At your request we can conduct regular business reviews to show travel data and achieved cost savings. We can also do monthly reports to assist with your credit card reconciliation.
  • Our experience will help you with any company group, event, meeting, and incentive travel. The incentive travel can be for your employees or for your customers.

Don’t you think your travelers deserve these benefits while your company potentially saves money at the same time?  It is a win-win situation.

Shadyside Travel is looking to build long-term relationships with our clients, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you. To discuss this further please call Joe Weigler at (412) 241-8692 EST in the Pittsburgh area.

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